These terms of use apply to all products purchased from Lovelytocu prior to April 1, 2017.

Copyright is retained by Shawnna Rennae Porter - Lovelytocu at all times and is not transferable.

STANDARD LICENSE - included in all purchases

1. You may use my graphics for any personal or small commercial project or design but you may not sell or share my graphics 'as purchased' in any format or circumstance (either free or paid).

2. You may use my graphics in an unlimited capacity for your own business promotion, whether online or in print, as long as my graphics are not being used as (or within) an actual logo.  See further notes below.

3. You may use my graphics to decorate physical products you make to sell (or give away) on up to 1000 units of a single product as long as my work isn't the sole essence of the product. ie, a poster print using only my artwork.

4. You may use my graphics in digital products to sell under the following terms:

  • your digital product is flattened so that graphics cannot be easily extracted
  • my graphics comprise 50% or less of the individual product design 
  • my graphics are not placed on a white only background with no other overlapping design features
  • you only sell up to 1000 units (purchase the extended license for higher qty)
  • commissioned website or blog designs only, not pre-made templates for multiple selling 


RE-DISTRIBUTION - you may NOT share my work with others or provide my work in any ‘as is’ format unless licensed to do so - this includes using my graphics on their own in any printed format

STICKERS - you may ONLY incorporate my work in stickers (or any other similar product) as long as my work comprises 50% or less of the design of each individual sticker and adheres to all other above terms

CU4CU - you may NOT offer my designs in any format, or on any product that will be sold wholesale (or by another party) unless licensed to do so. My terms of use are not transferable.

PRINT ON DEMAND - you may NOT use my graphics on products via POD services such as Zazzle, Cafe Press, Spoonflower, Society6 etc

TEACHERS - you MAY use my graphics for any educational materials you create for your own classroom use with no maximum print restrictions, however; all other terms of use apply if selling your products

DIGITIZED EMBROIDERY - you MAY use my graphics for your work but must adhere to all other TOU re qty of sales per unit

LOGOS - My graphics are NOT to be used as part of an official trade-mark or logo. 

This does not mean that you cannot use the graphics ALONGSIDE your logo or as part of your overall marketing (such as blog banner, side-bar image, business card graphic etc) but your logo or trademark must be a separate standalone graphic that is also used independently from any of my own graphics.


Digital files are non-refundable. If you have a quality issue or a faulty zip folder let me know right away and a replacement file will be sent via email.

© Shawnna Rennae Porter ~ All Rights Reserved