I create cute character clip art graphics and digital design resources that work well for the micro-biz owner or blogger.

My art comes ready made and ready to use, perfect for business branding, social media profiles and all manner of crafty projects.


Coming this fall and winter we'll be expanding our product line to include vintage imagery lovingly converted to clip art as well as a line of pre-designed branding packages to help you market your small biz.


As a self-taught digital artist I am fascinated by both early 20th-century illustration and the modern craft movement. While I adore styles like Anime and Kawaii I also love the vintage feel of the 40's and 50's. So with these many influences in mind I’ve developed my own distinctive and simple style, a naive feminine ‘girl next door’ look that appeals to today's small business owner, crafter or blogger.

Like many artists or creatives, it all began way back in childhood with a passion for drawing. And so I sketched away through my school years eventually taking an interest in art history. My career path however headed off into the business world for quite a while; it turns out I have a handy mix of left and right brain, I’m equally pragmatic and logical as well as creative and artistic. So I did rather well in business as a creative problem solver!

Teaching myself new skills has been a constant pattern in my life. I much prefer to dive in on my own and figure things out than to sit in a classroom working at the slower pace of the group. This practice served me well throughout my business career as it does now as a solo-preneur and across my blog you’ll find links to many of the resources I use or recommend as well as tricks and tips for the novice business DIY’er.

Lovelytocu was born in the UK then relocated to my home country of Canada where we spent a few years in Calgary AB. More recently though we relocated once again and currently reside in sunny southern California with our three canine babes.

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