Question:  I love your characters, can you draw one of me?

Answer:  All of my character drawings are fictional and a portraiture service isn't something I offer so as such I won't accept photos of people to work from.  Instead, I'm happy to draw a fictional character that can represent you personally using a written description of the specifics you'd like to see.

Question:  Can I use your clip art for any purpose I want?

Answer:  No.  Please see my TOU for how you may use my clip art.  If you still have questions feel free to drop me an email!

Question: What is a PNG file and what software programs can I use this in?

Answer: A PNG file has a transparent background so that you can lay it over other images or design elements.  Most software programs accept PNG files.

Question:  What size are your clip art images?

Answer:  All of my clip art images are saved at 300dpi and the character clip art is usually 3600px along the longest side, and so should print easily at about 12".  If you need a different size or the item you've purchased is not as big as you expected, drop me an email and I'll see what I can do!  General clip art packs vary in size from 5 - 12" depending what they are.

Question:  I’ve been told to ask for a vector file. Do you provide this?

Answer:  No.  PNG and JPEG files are rastor based images and this is all that I provide.

Question:  Do you provide your design file in eps, ai or psd format?

Answer:  No.  I currently only sell my work in a flattened form in PNG, JPEG or PDF format, as noted in each product.

Question: When I order a custom graphic from you, what if I don't like it the first time? How many times will you re-do the graphic for me until it is just how I want it?

Answer:  This will depend on the value of your order and how I've priced it up for you.  I like to price only for work done, so if more changes are required, or you’ve changed your mind on a few details I may need to increase the price quoted.  Unless of course the mistake is mine, in which case I will change whatever is wrong with the image at no extra charge!

Question:  I want a custom image but am having a hard time visualizing what I want; will you mock up variations for me to decide from?

Answer:  I'm happy to do this for you, but the extra work will be reflected in the price. I don't include this in my quotes, so if you need this service just let me know!  Alternatively I'm happy to discuss what you think you want.

Question: If you make me a custom graphic do I have exclusive rights to use it? Do I have to pay more for exclusivity?

Answer: Generally any custom work will be done with semi-exclusivity for that exact image, however, I reserve the right to create derivative images from any custom work unless otherwise agreed.

Complete exclusivity is granted only if this has been agreed up front and we have defined what exclusivity means for that image.  For example; if you alter one of my existing designs, only the alteration can become exclusive, not the original image.  Because some alterations may be very simplistic, exclusivity may not be possible on all orders.

Copyright is not transferable.

If there are any questions not listed here that you would like to ask feel free to drop me an email!

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